Günay Say
Play flash games even when offline

Day of the day we find more and more flash games. That flash game is not really good at the terms of the graphics sometimes but they are usually very addictive, and we need to play them.

Sometimes we are offline and we want to play this addictive game so much, but we can not connect to the internet and we are dissapointed for that reason. Here's the problem you solved: FlashOffliner

FlashOffliner is a free application of fro windows that lets us adapts to run Flash files so that they are like independent files.

The process is very easy for Flashfull and its wizard's intuitive interface.

Just follow the steps given by FlashOffliner and you'll be able to play your favorite flash games even when offline.


It supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

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Free 1.0 Günay Say


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