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Unable to open a file on Windows?

File-extension.or Search will format your files and open the program if you need to open them, all your problems will be solved.

This tool is designed to help you with all the information related to a given file extension. You just need to type the file format in the search bar of the program and will take you to a website that displays all the applications that are special file extensions, a description about them, and programs that open, play, or start them. Can be used.

What is the extension? Basically they are related to the letters and formats and programs that are displayed at the end of any file name that they are compatible. Typically, the extension is two or three characters which comes after dot, which is the end of all the filenames.

File-extension.Org has a huge database of search file extensions that will show you a file type, a detailed description, and a list of programs that can open, view, edit, convert and use this file. Type.

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