Android Studio

Android Studio

The new programming environment for Android

Android Studio is a new and fully integrated development environment, which was recently launched by Google for the Android operating system. It is designed to provide new tools for app development and to provide alternatives to Eclipse, currently the most used IDE


When you start a new project in Android Studio, the structure of the project will be displayed with almost all the files in the SDK directory, this switch shows more flexibility in the build process on a Gradle-based management system.


Android Studio lets you see any visual changes in your application in real-time, and you can see how it will look at multiple configurations and resolutions simultaneously with multiple Android devices.


Another feature in the Android studio is the new tools for coding and labeling codes. When dealing with a large amount of code, it puts you on top of your project, using a drag and drop system to move components across the user interface.


In addition, this new environment comes with Google Cloud Messaging, a feature that lets you send server data over the server to the cloud, a great way to send push notifications to your apps.


The program will help you localize your application, while controlling the flow of the application, giving you a visual way to keep the programming.


What else is the Android Studio offer?

- A robust and straight forward development environment.

- An easy way to test performance of other types of devices.

- Template for all Android programming wizards and common elements.

- A full-featured editor with additional tools to speed up the development of your application. 


- To install Android Studio, it is necessary to have Android's Software Developer Kit (SDK), along with Java Developer Kit (JDK), included in this pack.

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