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iPi Mocap Studio
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The IPO Mocap Studio is a special device designed to help with video game design that lets users use motion capturing techniques in an everyday environment such as a home or office.

IP Mock Studio offers you the ability to change the motion of the 3D character animated by a camera, which can be exported to some popular formats such as FBX, BVM, and Kalladah.

In order to use the IPO Mocap Studio, you will need at least one or two churches (originally designed for the Xbox 360, Microsoft devices), or 3 and 4 psi devices, made by Sony for PlayStation 3 devices. Once you have all of the tools that you can start working on your computer.

The IPi Mocap Studio is fully compatible with some of the game creation programs: Valve's source engine and its movie maker applications, Unreal Engines, Unity, AutoDec 3DS Max, Maya, 4D Camera, Light Air, Dress, Blender ... and many more.

The concept behind the IPi Mocap Studio is that no user is required to use the 'motion capturing' technology set or specially designed scene and matching clothes. Instead, all that is needed is a relatively big space, some home appliances, and a little inspiration.IPi Mocap Studio is a standard tool for indie game developers to test as a new tool. Some results with this application are actually amazing; There is nothing to be jealous of some great releases.

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