YouTube Movie Maker

YouTube Movie Maker
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The YouTube Movie Maker is a very useful and practical tool that can create videos on YouTube in a video of a second, with all the editing tools, with a convenient and easy-to-use interface. This is especially useful if you share many recordings, such as tutorials or vlogs, in social media.

It does not matter if you use it, there are three basic functions of the YouTube Movie Maker. The first one, 'Create Video,' lets you create videos from scratch. You can add unlimited clips, text, audio, or photos, set them where you want them and set durations. From here, you can capture images and sounds on your screen.

The second feature is to 'Add Video' to your videos on YouTube and place them directly on social networks. Your project format does not matter, it will simply upload.

The third and final functions are a simple manager that helps you monitor your uploads and view their stats. With these three functions, if you want to create content for your channel in an organized way, the YouTube Movie Maker is a perfect tool.

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