AVS Video Recorder

AVS Video Recorder

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AVS Video Recorder is a tool designed to carry out two main functions: to capture and transfer video from any camera or old VHS tapes, and to encode video in MPEG-2 to free up space on the hard drive.

The tools found in AVS Video Recorder can transfer videos from DV, MiniDV, HD, VHS or a web cam to your hard drive in order to store all your recordings in AVI or MPEG-2.

Furthermore, this program can save your webcam live recordings, so you can use your laptop as a part of a CCTV system to keep your home or office safe.

Encoding videos to formats like MPEG-2 saves space on your computer, so that you never run out of memory on your hard drive and have to delete your videos.

With AVS Video Recorder you can also digitize your old VHS tapes passing your VHS video recordings from your camera or VCR to your computer. This will breathe new life into your old tapes and preserve all those moments you recorded with these now obsolete devices.


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