Kiwi Music Player

Kiwi Music Player

Studio Quipo inc.
Stream your favorite artists for free

Qubee Music Player is a real desktop tool for listening to your favorite artists by streaming music via YouTube.

By default, the QUBI music player detects the highest quality video, including audio so that it does not go further, you can listen to music from the official channel of singers and record labels. This tool is divided into various comedy stories that can be filtered according to your taste, which allows you to listen to any type of music and allow you to discover new groups.

Some of the songs include songs below the music video, and this link to the same album or other songs by the same artist. It is included directly on iTunes where you can legally purchase the song. The QUBi music player only takes full advantage of youtube: all the songs you can click on a single click, sorted by category, making no third party comments and no ads before the video.

In addition to all these great benefits, the tool also gives you the ability to create playlists, which means that you do not need direct access to YouTube or other streaming services like streaming or your favorite music.

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License Version Developer
Free 1.2.6 Studio Quipo inc.