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Check if your PC software is current

SUMO is a useful tool that you can update all programs in your system with a simple scan. You can make sure that you have your latest version and if you can learn more about the latest updates. The interface lets you find the most important updates, since it is organized by the relevance of their changes.

To start using SUMO, simply press the Scan option and you will see a comprehensive list of all the programs installed on your system. This will let you update an update, big or small. You can see information related to each update such as product name, developer, installation version, and the most recent one.

Then, you can update, update, suspend, run, delete, open file, or make an error in other options. If you want to update to the next version, SUMO will take you to the download link on your website, even if these links are broken. You can still download the latest version of the program directly from appstosoft, however

The 'Delete' option does not uninstall the application, but the future updates for new updates for that program can not be avoided. SUMO lets you manage the frequency of updates, too. You can postpone them for a day, a week, a month, or forever.

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