File Identifier

File Identifier

Optima SC Inc.
Identify the file extension of unknown files

How do you find any files without extensdion? You do not know that it will be a problem because you have to use it to open the program.

If you usually work with many files, this issue may be part of your everyday issues.

File identifier can be solved for your problem. This is an application based on the Windows File interpreter. Now it has no interface.

During some parameters we can get the file format of a file without extension.

How to use You must copy the 'unknown' files to the 'bin' folder that is created when you unpack the doewnloaded file. In the following steps, the file interpreter will have access to the Run option in the Start menu, type 'cmd' and you can access it, at least, open the folder where the file exe is stored.

Once you are there, enter the name of the program, by the name of the file you want to know the extesion. The types of data files and file extensions shown.

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Free 0.6.2 Optima SC Inc.


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