File Date Corrector

File Date Corrector


The file date revisioner is a very useful tool that helps you to fix all minor errors made in Windows components and it can not be manually changed. If you have taken pictures and the date stamps are incorrect, you can easily change it with this app.

The interface is somewhat complicated, but once you start using it, you can understand the various processes and features included in it. To get started, you can identify the content that you want to modify directly from the circular panel found in the first window. If you can not find the file, you can always use the search engine which is in the application which will allow you to identify what you are looking for within a few seconds. Once you have selected a file, you can see basic information such as date stamp or correction date can be changed. You can change the date stamp with only one click and you can see both; The first and the last one

If you have any issues with your important file date stamps, then Windows does not allow you to change yourself, the file's date-correction will help you to change within a few seconds.

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