File & Folder Unlocker

File & Folder Unlocker

Diamond Computer Systems
Eliminate those files that resist being deleted

'The operation could not be performed because it contains a folder or a file in another program.' This is a message that you will often see when you are trying to delete a file or directory.

This happens when one or more of the files you want to delete are being used by the active process on your system.

Files and Folders Unlocker is a free, portable tool that will help you solve this problem with complete and complete control over these files.

In addition to giving you the ability to delete those problematic files, you can use File and Folder Unlocker to search for open or running files and examine the files used by each active system process.

This method of file and folder unlock proves itself to be a great tool to help you get rid of any 'rebel' files on your system.

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