Duplicate Files Cleaner

Duplicate Files Cleaner



The trial version can find all duplicate files but only you can delete every five scans.

Copy files are a common cause, for many users, the hard drive goes out of memory so fast

It does not understand how many GB of memory you have - ultimately, you will always find a way to fill them with apps and files, even if many of them have no suitable purpose.

Get home from vacation and copy all your photos, for example, forget about where you put them in one month later and copy them to another folder again - this is a clear problem without mentioning all the movies you've seen and all the music you downloaded. : When you work with an overwhelming number of files, what is your track down on your hard drive? Easy to do This is a problem when your computer starts running slowly, or you need some more GB to install the game you want to play.

When it comes to duplicate files cleaner. This simple application is easy to use, and you can save a lot of trouble Basically, it scans your hard drive to find all your duplicate files. Perhaps there is much more hope than you have, all of them take a valuable place on your hard drive.

Once the duplicate files are detected, the application lists them so that you can delete them and decide what your hard drive is.

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