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Andy is an Android emulator that allows you to download thousands of applications for Android on your Windows PC, all of which do not set up a virtual machine or go through a complex setup process. Just install and use it Andy is incredibly insightful: using the mouse cursor as you do with your finger, even when you swipe to your fingertips, scroll the mouse wheel. In other words, there will be no problem whenever you get behind the emulator's control

In terms of compatibility, Andy is really spectacular. Users can install the emulator and play any game without any problems, such as Clans of Clash, Candy Crush Saga, Fruit Ninja, Plants vs Zombies 2, or The Sims, for just one (too) few names. That said, probably the best part is that Andy also lets you use IM tools like WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus, you will be able to use them to identify yourself with your phone number, and then you can start using Windows WhatsApp.

Andy is an outstanding Android emulator, reminds us of many great stains of great blue stacks but with some extra improvements. All said and done, a very convenient way to use any Android application on your normal computer.

Five Best Android Emulators For PC

The greater functionality that has been reintroduced between smartphones and desktop operating systems, many users are looking for ways to improve their links by bringing their smartphone apps to their desktop computers. What is the exclusive area of ??Android SDK or the initial BlueStacks has blown up in most of the BlueStacks-like tools that allow you to adapting the keyboard and mouse control on the PC and run on the PC by offering an enormous level of adjustment and performance.

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