Portable Ubuntu Remix

Portable Ubuntu Remix



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Ubuntu is among the first Linux distributions and it will fight with Windows or Mac's most used operating system if it keeps its progress continuously.

However, Windows users do not believe it and even if they do not want to try something new, their operating system always fails. Now and thanks to this application, you will be able to give it a try, because it gives you the chance to use Ubuntu as a Windows application without restarting the system.

Portable Ubuntu Remix works just like a program. You run an EXE file and then you will see the GNOME panel as you can see on Ubuntu-powered computer.

Since then, you'll be able to use the computer as a normal Ubuntu user. Install and uninstall programs as normal and do not worry about the Internet because it uses Windows network settings, so you do not have to reset them.

If you never think of trying Ubuntu, it's the perfect way to do it. Portable Ubuntu Remix offers you the easiest way to do this. 

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