How to Recover Deleted Files

How to Recover Deleted Files

Data Recovery Program
Recover deleted files from any hard drive

Hard drive data recovery is a simple tool that allows you to recover from a deleted file or program that is comfortable to hard drive and a matter of seconds.

The app gives you the possibility of data recovery: image, video, executable files, text documents, audio files, etc.

To use the hard drive data recovery, all you have to do is select the hard drive that you want to analyze and then do it. The process can take several minutes depending on the size of the hard drive. However, you can see the files that you have found in real time, so if you want to recover, you can turn off the analysis at any time.

Once the analysis is complete, only select the rest of the tasks that you want to restore and restore folders, as long as you have a complete license. Alternatively, you can select everything on the hard drive.

Hard drive data recovery is not very powerful, because it is a great data recovery tool, it is very fast and easy to use. 

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