Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus

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A free, simple, and powerful antivirus tool

Unbreakable Free Antivirus is an antivirus tool created for Windows operating systems. It can detect several known viruses and enables tracking changes made by many types of malware. In addition to that, it provides real-time protection services which are easily connected to your system.


It has two types of interface: An easy one for neglected users, and an advanced one for more cognitive users. This is a residential scanning tool that once shortened as an icon in the toolbar to enable it. Each time you run a file or an application, it will test for potential threats of free antivirus. This residential protection system is divided into three blocks: System File Shield, Web Shield, and Mail Shield. Each of them will protect your system, your internet browsing and your emails.


The program checks the integrity of your backup files, so if you are spreading the virus then there is no harm. All of this is written on a registry that you can check at any time, along with the latest updates and the components that have been kept in the infection.


Unbreakable Free Antivirus Includes its own firewall to avoid suspicious applications, select which one you want to run and what block you want to block. Unbreakable free antivirus is constantly updated, so it is always ready to fight the latest threat. What are you waiting for Get your free Avast today!

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