A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger

A-Patch for Windows Live Messenger

More than 70 options for Windows Live Messenger

A-Patch has provided a lot of customization to strengthen your Windows Live / MSN messenger experience.


A-Patch provides you with the much needed options that your Windows Live Messenger experience will be even better. You will be able to remove the ads and buttons you do not need, spend the waste space and more.


In addition, you will be able to sign in to multiple accounts at the same time so that you will be able to keep track of all your accounts and contacts.


Log all your contact actions, listen to music, copy their avatars, ...


To improve your Windows Live Messenger experience, there is a patch between the best packs found on the Internet. Do not hesitate, take advantage of it.



List of options:


Remove the Windows Live logo


Remove the "Messenger" title


Remove display picture container


Remove personal bar messages bar


Remove e-mail button


Remove Share Folder Folder


Remove My MSN Space Buttons


Remove Windows Live Today Button


Remove a phone call button Remove


Remove Yellow Information Bar


Change the display picture link


Remove personal messages from contacts


Remove the toast display image


Remove Glam Notification


Remove ads


Always add the button above


Remove the search bar


Remove display images in the sign-in window


Remove the links below in the sign-in window


Remove Windows Live ID Branding


Disable MSN Space Communication Card integration


Remove the color button


Disable lyrics link


Remove emoticons from the lips


Remove contact manager bar


- Move down the contact manager bar below


- Remove extra padding from the contact manager bar


- Remove the "Add a Contact" button from the Contact Manager bar


- Remove the "Manage Your Contacts" button from the Contact Manager bar


- Remove contact search field from contact manager bar


Remove the Windows Live logo


Remove Invitation Button


Remove the Send Files button


Remove the webcam button


Remove call button


Remove Activity Button


Remove the game button


Remove the block button


Remove the color button


Remove the Search Button


Remove the display container from my display


Remove the font button


Remove emoticon button


Remove the voice clip button


Remove the Background Button


Remove the Wing button


Remove the Pack Button


Remove the puzzle button


Remove the hot section


Remove formatting toolbar separator


Change the Ink tab to the text


Remove ads


Add custom games


Remove personal messages and e-mails (per bar) of communication


Remove Webcam Icon from Avatar / DP Containers


Remove Mute Delay


Disable Nude Shake


Remove send button


Add the Send button to the handwriting tab


Remove the Status Information Bar "Get a webcam" link Top link always add links


Remove user text message


Remove the Convert tab


Remove the "text" text


Polygamy (multi-msn)


Show the hinge


Minimize the status information in the info bar


Install the Winamp plug-in for features now play


Remove Ads in Shared Folders Folder


Remove the billing information menu notes

It supports the version of Al Windows Live Messenger.


More Information

License Version Developer
Free 9.0-Wave-4 ahmad


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