Checker Plus for Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail

Jason Savard

Checker Plus for Gmail that all new emails in your inbox in real time in a small integrated icon in your browser, including the introduction of an extension for Google Chrome. This is a very useful program to read and keep open another tab in your Gmail without having to constantly answer your emails immediately.

Tool also allows you to view all your messages, and you can delete them without opening them and reading them, or you can choose the folders that you want to appear. You can, for example, you can set the configuration, so that e-mail your 'promotion' to arrive in the folder does not receive notifications.

Plus for Gmail Checker extension to the multi-account option to quickly and easily manage all of your email account, you can. Also it is open for the address in your browser recognizes inbox.

Extension to open a pop-up preview window, so you can open the archive, or delete emails without leaving the tab where you're browsing.

In addition, Gmail Checker Plus for notification icon in your browser, as well as the option to play a sound included. You can also preset sound or a human voice in a loud voice messages arrive in your inbox is a really useful feature is busy with something else away from your computer screen, you can read the play, you can customize it.

By Alvaro Toledo

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