ARC Welder

ARC Welder

Run Android apps from your desktop navigator

There are plenty of ways to run Android applications on your desktop computer. Arc Welder is an extension for Chrome to be your navigator using the APK file, the easiest way possible, which allows to run them directly.

Once the extension is installed, where all temporary files created by the application will be stored in a folder to be selected. Next, you want to run the application, you can select which must already be downloaded to your device. it's not possible to do this with Google Play, though, our whole catalog Appstosoft the APK format, the packaging system is used by Android. Once the file is selected, you specify the type of application that determines whether it is a smartphone or a computer or tablet form factor will be defined on the run, such as running, you can configure some parameters.

Compatibility list gets better with each new version. It makes Instagram, an application on your PC, which you (or any other safe and secure way, at least) cannot be used in any other way can directly upload pictures to be able to work with. Also, the application can detect and external devices like your PC using a webcam, you can use it as if it was not for a smart phone camera.

Arc Welder is a tool to unite your desktop computer and your Android's operating system opens a lot of doors. This is your navigator comfortable, integrated system capable of running native application using the Google operating system.

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