One of the most formidable competitors of Microsoft Office, OpenOffice has for years offered a free alternative to Microsoft's document editors.

However, after Oracle took over OpenOffice, the project's community of programmers decided to stop contributing, and created a new development branch called LibreOffice, which is OpenOffice's natural successor.

LibreOffice offers all that OpenOffice offered: word processor, spreadsheet editor, presentation software, graphics editor, database editor, and equation editor.

All those tools can substitute the main Office tools like Word or Excel.

LibreOffice will appear in most GNU/Linux distributions and aims to become a model of free software in the business and office world.
LibreOffice 5.1 now available
It’s been a while now since that old office IT myth – that is, that any suite different from Microsoft is more complicated and incompatible with your docs – collapsed under its own weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. After a surprise overtake of OpenOffice, LibreOffice has become the best freeware alternative when it comes to having an all-in-one for document management. Its new version 5.1 adds interesting changes and add-ons that refine all these concepts. 

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